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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

A hat for a friend.

Knitted hat (2)

I was given this wool by an elderly neighbour who is having a hard time at the moment as her husband has developed a brain tumour. She is disabled so life is not easy for either of them. She's been clearing out her loft as they'll have to move away and find themselves a little bungalow nearer to their family. She fell in love with my crochet hats which I showed her but when I started to knit up the wool she gave me she asked if I would make her a knitted hat for winter. I had to wait to deliver the finished result as her husband was taken ill again but when he had improved I dropped the hat off - using the stick-it-in-a-carrier-bag-and-tie-it-to-the-gate technique! (We live in the country and you can do things like that out here!) :-D I couldn't call at the house as it was full of family members who had arrived to see their dad and I didn't want to impose.

When she collected it from the gate she was thrilled! Apart from the fact that she picked out the wool herself - so the colour suits her - I knit an adapted pattern which makes for a much longer hat so that when you turn up the brim it is incredibly warm around your ears because the brim has extra thickness! In spite of loving summer she is waiting for the cold weather to return so that she can get to wear it!


You can learn - it's not that difficult . . . honest!

And you can cross stitch!!! Wow! My daughter and sister can but I've tried it and . . . I'm pants at it! :-D

The only reason I do all these things is because I grew up in a very isolated farm house. If my mother heard me say: "I'm bored!" she found plenty of work for me to do around the farm or house! You soon developed a craft skill after that! :)
Wow! That is beautiful!

Yes, I did try it with a hoop and I thought I would find it dead easy because, in my youth - you do realise I come under the Ancient Monument category, don't you? - I did a lot of embroidery (it was either that or floor washing which involved scrubbing brushes and carbolic soap! Yuck)! - and then I went on to tapestries using large frames but, alas, when it came to cross stitching . . . my hands were willing but my brain gave up on me. I think the filing cabinet was full and it couldn't find room for more data - sounds better than telling yourself that you're too thick to pick up a new skill, doesn't it? :-D
At school I was considered extremely good at embroidery but the needlework teacher was also the one who taught our class mathematics where I shone with the luminosity of a defunct candle! I think she was most surprised that I could actually do something! :-D
I was kicked out of my maths class because I was so bad! Oh the shame!

All the jobs I've done since then have involved figures!! Ain't life strange?!! :)
I've said before it's lovely, and I'm so pleased to read your friend loves it!
Because she is quite disabled these days she can no longer either knit or crochet so I think she was doubly pleased that her wool was turned into something that she could wear. :)
That's really pretty! And really sweet of you!
Thank you. :)

At the moment I'm sorting out some hats for the lady who re-homes cats and provided us with the latest addition to our family: http://fj-warren.livejournal.com/112142.html

She takes in a lot of damaged and disabled cats so it proves expensive to keep it all going as it is entirely voluntary and she won't have a cat put down unless absolutely necessary. So she's getting some baking, some crochet hats and possibly the odd scarf from me for her annual fund-raising stall! Well, it was the least I could do because if the damn cat brings in one more dead or, horrors, living mouse again she might be getting him back too! Lol!