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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

Gift for M.

Turquoise hat (gift)

The methodist minister who conducted my mother's funeral has suffered the return of her cancer and the treatment has meant that she is suffering from hair loss. So I made a parcel of three of my hats and sent them off to her. I received a message from her, via a friend, that she is too unwell to write to thank me but wished me to know that the hats were appreciated and that this one is the one that she wears around the house. The chenille wine coloured one is reserved for special occasions along with the green Fair Isle beret.

Thrilled to think that they are being put to a good use. :) However, I would be more pleased if she had no use for them at all and here's hoping that she manages to beat the dreaded 'C' yet again.


I hope she makes it through
Thanks for the good wishes for her.

I went to the local village school with her so have known her, as well as the rest of her family, all my life. I'm not religious but I'm wishing like mad for a happy outcome as she has spent her life looking after other people and, even now, is spending her time looking after her remaining brother who is an invalid. Good isn't the right word to sum up a person like that.
Those colours are so pretty. There was a link somewhere online someone wanting hats for people who've suffered hair loss due to chemo. I'm with you in the hope she won't need them again (except in choice as a fashion accessory or when it's really bloody cold outside).
She has got a wig but doesn't like to wear it because it is so itchy. This seems to be a common complaint with them. If you come across the link let me know. :)
Found the post on Facebook:

"Hi All! We are getting ready to do a support event to knit and crochet donation hats for people who've lost their hair to chemo. I desperately need some new crochet hats. We are doing a marathon of 14 hours and need to do as many as possible in that time. Anybody got some good ones? Help please? Email: kityonka@yahoo.com"

From the Crocheting Club page, http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/CrochetingClub?sk=wall&filter=2
Poop! I'm not on Facebook! :(
Doesn't matter as the girl who's organising it did post her email address.
They are very cool hats - I love them! Good job :)
Thanks. :)

My other half is not quite so pleased because there seem to be boxes and bags of them all over the house! Lol! I guess I'm a bit of a knitaholic!! :-D
lol!! I'd never have guessed! Mr W needs to chillax, there are far worse things that you could have lying around the house in boxes and bags!
Such as . . .?!!! Lol!

On second thoughts ... don't answer that! ROFL!
lmfao I'm not sure, sounded good when I said it though! LOL