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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

Birthday Present (Sunglasses advised)

Bright Poncho

I know, I know . . . but the recipient was thrilled with it! :)



My friend has got into the habit of going to bed early, sitting up in bed and reading books/watching tv and wrapping herself up in blankets or cardigans to keep warm. She lives in a big, rambling house and it is cold!!! I visit about once a week and we sit in the lounge with our coats on in the middle of the afternoon!

Recently widowed, with less income than before, a bottled gas central heating system (which costs a fortune), she has had to economise hence the early to bed to keep warm routine. I'd made myself a poncho to use up some wool and she loved it but, being her, hated my colour scheme. Actually it was quite bright for me as it had some green, lilac and purple in it but it was mostly beige and rust colours. When she saw it she said: "It's lovely . . . I like the green!" Typical! However, her poncho is only to be worn as a sort of 'fashion' bed jacket and I have warned her if I see her pushing her rollator through Camborne whilst wearing this 'garish' item of clothing I shall not hesitate to rip it off her!

Btw, do not hesitate to contact me if you need a poncho! I've still got some of these colours left! :):):)
It sounds perfect for her and for her bed-wearing :D
That's impressive! Glad she likes it.