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Aug. 6th, 2010



Quick gift

Knitted hat on stand

This is the same style hat as I've been knitting lately - i.e. knitted with a wide brim - but I adapted the pattern so that it will fit a small child. They wanted pink with sparkles but the only 'sparkles' I had in my yarn collection was a black and white twist with a pink lurex thread and a silver lurex thread running through it. Although it was alright to knit with I thought it best not to have the scratchy lurex wool rubbing against the child's head so it has been knitted in a striped design on the brim only.

Some of you might note that the pink is some leftover yarn from Da Sproglet's crochet jacket! Waste not, want not - as they say! :)

Jul. 31st, 2010



A hat for a friend.

Knitted hat (2)

I was given this wool by an elderly neighbour who is having a hard time at the moment as her husband has developed a brain tumour. She is disabled so life is not easy for either of them. She's been clearing out her loft as they'll have to move away and find themselves a little bungalow nearer to their family. She fell in love with my crochet hats which I showed her but when I started to knit up the wool she gave me she asked if I would make her a knitted hat for winter. I had to wait to deliver the finished result as her husband was taken ill again but when he had improved I dropped the hat off - using the stick-it-in-a-carrier-bag-and-tie-it-to-the-gate technique! (We live in the country and you can do things like that out here!) :-D I couldn't call at the house as it was full of family members who had arrived to see their dad and I didn't want to impose.

When she collected it from the gate she was thrilled! Apart from the fact that she picked out the wool herself - so the colour suits her - I knit an adapted pattern which makes for a much longer hat so that when you turn up the brim it is incredibly warm around your ears because the brim has extra thickness! In spite of loving summer she is waiting for the cold weather to return so that she can get to wear it!

Jul. 14th, 2010


Update on Baby Set

I've finished the baby sweater! I know, took me long enough, right?
Anyway, One down, three to go.  Although the had and booties shouldn't take longer than an hour to knit, so expect more updates soon (just not today, I've yet to go to bed)!

If you feel like seeing what other crafts and trouble I've gotten into, feel free to look at my page.
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Jul. 5th, 2010


Baby outfit

Trying a new baby set for a little one due in September.
This is the pattern I'm going off, although I'm using a blue variegated instead of white.

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This is a copy of a post on my blog.

Jul. 3rd, 2010

knitting Meredith


Summer of Socks!

Morning all!

I've embarked upon my first summer of socks (SOS) and have set myself a goal of 2-3 pairs by the start of September. I've started into my first pair and am knitting through them pretty slowly as Col's feet are HUGE!

I did order a butt load of yarn from knitpicks the other day and have since been asked for 2 custom orders of socks (yay me!) so I'm going to be sock-tastic this summer.

Pictures to follow - definitely! I'm psyched!!


Projects lining up!

I've just updated Ravelry with some of the projects I've got lined up.

I'm still updating!!

I currently have (as always) too many things on the go, but there's a scarf I'm knitting which ideally I'll have done by Friday. We had a Summer Promises Auction and Barn Dance at church last weekend and I offered to knit a scarf as one of the promises. I know the girl who's won (she used to live in Chester before moving back to Northern Ireland) and the pattern is a delight to knit (now I've deciphered the instructions anyway). So I'm going to spend this evening and tomorrow knitting as much as I can, and I've got Craft & Chat on Wednesday, which hopefully means I'll be able to have it finished on Friday because she's visiting briefly, but going home again next Saturday morning.

Pictures will follow, I promise!

May. 22nd, 2010




Little girl's hat

A little while ago I made some hats for my friend's grandchildren and then promised to make another one for her remaining grandchild.

I had to adapt the sizing of an adult hat as I did not have a pattern for this design in a child's size. I managed to come up with a solution by altering the number of rows and changing the brim. With the remaining little girl a bright pink hat, which was the colour she wanted, would not have been suitable because her colouring is all wrong. Luckily I found a yellow yarn, with a pink and blue splash in it which was just the right shade. To allow for the pink I matched a plain pink to the pink colour in the hat - a sort of raspberry crush shade - and used that in the rows of the rosette.

For my pains I received a delightful hand-drawn picture from the little girl which is now proudly displayed on my notice board. :)

Technical note: Creative Yarns - Rainbow

Mar. 21st, 2010



Finally I've uploaded some photos!

So, I've finally got some pictures of the things I've made!!

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Mar. 14th, 2010



50th Birthday Cake For My Little Sis.

cake with ribbon

This is what it looks like after I've added the sweets (Cadbury's Roses but Quality Street looks better) and the decoration.

My sister was pleased - actually she was thrilled because I gave up making these cakes about ten years ago!



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cake before adding the sweets

Sister's birthday cake as promised but this is before I added the sweets to turn it into a chocolate box.

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