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handmade4xmas's Journal

Home made gifts for those we love
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Making things by hand to give as presents

This community is at present, specifially for those who want to make things to give to friends and family at Christmas, but also other occasions throughout the year.

This is a place where you can share ideas, projects, plan what you're going to do, the ups and downs of how well - or not - the project is going.

It is an idea for the future that perhaps we can make items on request for other members of the community, but we'll give it a bit of time to get running properly first!

Membership is moderated, but all can post. Trolls won't be tolerated, and we also ask that people do not post flashing images or icons out of respect for those who may be sensitive to them.

Any pictures you post must be your own, if not you must state who owns the copywrite. Members must not save copies of other members' photographs without first asking permission.

If a post contains more than one image, the following images should be posted behind an LJ cut.

At present I haven't created any tags, but ideally the tags to an entry should include the particular craft you are talking about and the particular item you are making.

For example, for a post about a scarf I'm knitting, I would use the tags "knitting" and "scarf". If I were to also include photographs, I would also use the tag "photo".

For now, I finish with a little pimpage for a community that could well become a sister community for us.

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