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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

My daughter's bolero is finished! Yay!

da Sproglet's bolero

This is the bolero that Da Sproglet wanted to wear to a party tomorrow night. It took just under a week to make - two shades of double knitting, believe it or not! One is black and the other, which I used for the borders and cuffs, is black with a lurex thread! I'm pleased with it but it was a sod to knit because black is so difficult to see under artificial light. 

Remind me not to knit anything black for at least three months!! :)


Looks good, I hope she likes it!
She does! :)

There might be pictures .... but that depends if she gets ready in time to stand still long enough to have her picture taken!! :-D
Not forgetting that she wants to spend most of this evening on the other side of the camera!!
True! :)