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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

A hat for my sister for her birthday on Sunday

Sister's Birthday Hat

I will be attempting to make one of my chocolate box birthday cakes as well. I'm feeling lazy but watch this space just in case! :)


I like that hat!!!
Thank you. :)

I adapted an old pattern and also made it longer. That way you get the ear-warming brim! :-D

Double knitting wool and a 2 x 2 rib going into stocking stitch for the decrease rows.
It looks pretty warm!! I also like the yarn!

I've been making half socks...I am on my 3rd so far! lol
That hat looks fantastic. 2x2 rib is just awesome for hats.
It's probably my favourite rib for hats but I've done a few cable ones that looked smart.

It's actually a four needle pattern which I adapted to knit on two needles - I'd just finished an order for a four needle hat and my fingers (not forgetting my sore joints) needed a rest! :-D

I make them longer than conventional patterns so that the brim is thicker - that way I think they end up being warmer.

It was called 'Value Knitting Wool' (or something like that) but it was excellent quality and was a pleasure to knit with - unlike some really expensive yarns that look good but feel like twine when you start to knit with them.

A friend of mine used some of that patterned wool - it makes a sort of Fair Isle style pattern as you knit - and it was horrendous because the wool kept breaking! It was really expensive but the quality of the yarn was a bit iffy! Just goes to show, doesn't it?

And, Missy, where are the pictures of your knitting - might I be so bold as to ask?!!! :)

My pictures are still on the damn camera. It's been being bloody stupid (if you'll pardon my franglais) so I'm going to have another argument with the damn thing in a few minutes - once I've finished writing the presentation that Mothers' Union are going to be doing at Mass tomorrow (and are rehearsing this afternoon - I'm nothing if not organised)!