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louenn in handmade4xmas

Finally I've uploaded some photos!

So, I've finally got some pictures of the things I've made!!

Baby blanket that I did to post to someone who used to be on my flist - that Royal Mail lost and then she cut me from her flist. It's knitted squares with a crochet edge

Knitted child's shrug, although it might be big enough for an adult (not sure, not tried it on). I've made this for the daughter of one of the girls from Ladies' Choir but I've not seen her yet this year.

Phone cover - knitted for Jo as part of her birthday present. She seems to like it and it fits her iPhone (as well as fitting mine in the picture).

Creepy Cute Crochet's little devil. Isn't he sweet?

Pair of berets, crocheted. These are in need of a good home now!

Mitts that I did for Lesley from Stash. The yarn is a discontinued Louisa Harding angora, and the colour is a lovely purple shade. The yarn was a right pain to knit with, but they look fantastic and she was really pleased when I gave them to her.


Love all of these! :)

Don't wear berets anymore but I think they're great!

Trust the Royal Mail to muck up with that beautiful blanket! I'd be so annoyed about that I'd probably kidnap a postman and hold him for ransom in temper! Of course, if it was a good-looking postman I might just . . . . . . . . . knit him a nice comfy jumper! :)

Thanks for uploading. :)
I was rather cross when it didn't arrive... But then given that shortly after I was de-friended I wonder whether it did arrive and I was just being messed with.

That yarn is a baby yarn called cashsoft, so it's got some cashemere in, meaning it's totally snuggly for babies. If someone at Royal Mail has nicked it, I hope it ends up at a local hospital where a little one can mamke use of it.