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fj_warren in handmade4xmas


Little girl's hat

A little while ago I made some hats for my friend's grandchildren and then promised to make another one for her remaining grandchild.

I had to adapt the sizing of an adult hat as I did not have a pattern for this design in a child's size. I managed to come up with a solution by altering the number of rows and changing the brim. With the remaining little girl a bright pink hat, which was the colour she wanted, would not have been suitable because her colouring is all wrong. Luckily I found a yellow yarn, with a pink and blue splash in it which was just the right shade. To allow for the pink I matched a plain pink to the pink colour in the hat - a sort of raspberry crush shade - and used that in the rows of the rosette.

For my pains I received a delightful hand-drawn picture from the little girl which is now proudly displayed on my notice board. :)

Technical note: Creative Yarns - Rainbow


That is a fantastic hat, and well done on calculating the size reduction.
Thank you. :)

The day after the hat was delivered I had to visit my friend with some spare baking from Da Sproglet's photo shoot. Between us we made enough to feed an army and as she couldn't take it all home and moi and Mr W couldn't eat it all a lot got given away. Do you know we finished at 11.45 pm on the Saturday, baking like mad and then setting up and taking the photos each time - at the end of it all my feet were killing me!! Well, just as I arrived I chanced upon the grandchild and she was wearing her hat. I know I shouldn't say it but she looked terrific in it! You know how you sometimes get a garment just right for the person you made it for - well this was one of those 'Yippee' moments! :)
That is fantastic, it's great when you see someone wearing what you've made for them.