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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

Quick gift

Knitted hat on stand

This is the same style hat as I've been knitting lately - i.e. knitted with a wide brim - but I adapted the pattern so that it will fit a small child. They wanted pink with sparkles but the only 'sparkles' I had in my yarn collection was a black and white twist with a pink lurex thread and a silver lurex thread running through it. Although it was alright to knit with I thought it best not to have the scratchy lurex wool rubbing against the child's head so it has been knitted in a striped design on the brim only.

Some of you might note that the pink is some leftover yarn from Da Sproglet's crochet jacket! Waste not, want not - as they say! :)


Why waste odds and ends? It's all about recycling after all!
I'm good with odds and ends! :)