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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

... and now the crochet hat for the same small child!

Crochet hat (child) from above

Thought one knitted hat and one crochet hat would give her a bit more choice in the head-wear department! :)

This version used double knitting wools that could be machine washed and cool tumble dried! What a boon! I can remember years of hand-washing various garments (not that I don't still do it if necessary I might add) because if you didn't the jumper you spent hours making would end up in the doll's wardrobe!


awwwww!!! lol! poor little thing!
I know! Don't make me feel even more guilty than I do already. Still, she did end up with a very pretty hat at the end of it all. She was so pleased with it she wanted to wear it all the time - even when she went to bed! :)
haha sorry! I didn't mean to, although if I ended up with a pretty hat like that I'd have been ok with it too! :)