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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

Child's jumper

Green jumper with pink stripes

If you can remember the yellow crochet hat you will know that my friend's granddaughter adores pink but just doesn't look right in it! So I got out my trusty knitting needles and set to work. As you can see it is green around the top half but mostly pink around the rest of the body. This should give the little girl the thrill of being able to look at what looks like a mostly pink jumper!! Fingers crossed that she likes it as my friend is giving it to her granddaughter this weekend! :)

The yarn is just an ordinary double knitting wool but it's one of those that you can machine wash and tumble dry.


That's really pretty. I hope the child in question appreciates all your hard work.
First thing this morning she was wearing it over her jimjams so I think she likes it! Lol!