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fj_warren in handmade4xmas

Unfinished business.

All unfinished - help!

All of the above have been knitted for my daughter's collection of Blythe, Dahl and Moof dolls so they are gifts in one sense. However, they are made to be sold but as she has the dolls (and I only have the measurements) I have to finish them all off and send them to her so that she can dress the dolls, photograph them and then - hopefully - sell them. My problem is I love knitting - but hate the sewing up side of it! These garments are so small you find yourself slowly going mad as you try to stitch them together. Hopefully, I'll stay sane long enough to finish them off. Crafty, clever peeps out there who like to do this sort of work are always welcome at my place - I'll make the cake and provide the coffee! :)


Wow, that is a heap of sewing to do!
I got carried away. Lol! By the time I've finished all the sewing up and added some fiddly bits to the skirts - lace, ribbon, etc., I shall probably be carried away myself!! You will come and visit me - if they let you in, of course, - with the odd bottle of hooch secreted about your person, won't you?
I certainly will (but realistically it won't be this weekend - unless I'm feeling particularly suicidal). And I can quite happily bring along some bottles of gin!
Gin! Whoopee! I'll bring the lemons and tonic water - you want ice? :)
Yes, because the gin will have gotten to room temperature during the drive!
Good point, Sherlock! :)
Aww they're so cute!
Thank you. I'm still sewing but I think I'm brain dead now! :)